The Minnesota Indian Education Association is 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization. Over the last 28 years, MIEA has strived to promote the following purposes, goals, and objectives:

The purpose of MIEA is to establish and maintain communications and the promotion of quality education and unity for American Indians for the express purpose of continuity of communications and on-going awareness of local and statewide educational acitivities. This is done in many ways, but specifically it is a continued awareness and action that supports the unique educational and culturally relevant needs of American Indian students in our great state.

Goals & Objectives:

  1. To promote and approach to solving educational problems for American Indian students
  2. To encourage Indian parents, students and communities to become involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of education programs
  3. To encourage non-Indian people interested in quality education for American Indian students to become involved in the educational process and in the  association’s goals and philosophy
  4. To assist in implementing positive educational and historical societies and associations, programs or studies, dealing with or involving American Indians, to create through an increased awareness the authentic and ancestral contributions and cultural diversities of the American Indian
  5. To function as a liaison with tribal people in assisting them with dissemination of information concerning educational opportunities, scholarship and cultural/historical information for American Indians
  6. To support legislation which would improve American Indian education and promote leadership qualities among American Indian students and American Indian people
  7. To assist in the coordination of information dissemination to all state, local, federal, parochial and private, and American Indian communities to help assure that American Indian students receive maximum positive benefits of these agencies during their educational experiences
  8. To encourage and advocate the participation of American Indian people on committees of local education agencies and local government agencies that work toward to promotion of the purposes of the association.
  9. To hold an annual conference for the purpose of establishing a forum for the exposition of ideas, practices, issues, research and educational approaches
  10. To support, advocate and assist in implementing authentic American Indian cultural inclusions in all institutions of learning